Workout Builder Training Calendar is available

Workout Builder Training Calendar is available

GeniusWrist website was just updated, and the training calendar is available for Workout Builder. We will release the same feature for Workout Genius in the next two weeks. Stay tuned!!

Older versions of Workout Builder are no longer supported. Only version 1.2.0 or above can synchronize with the website. Update Workout Builder app in your watch and enjoy the new calendar feature.


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  • By advaz Reply

    Why on the Calendar sync only sends 3 exercices to watch? I like that at least one month was sent at once, because my training plan for run a marathon or half marathon needs at least 16 weeks planned in advance.
    Is this possible to implement? Or it is implemented and I’m doing something wrong?
    Thx for any replay.

    • By Genius Wrist Reply


      Your watch has an extremely limited amount of memory.
      And the training calendar was developed to circumvent this problem.

      You can plan an entire season ahead, let it stored on the website, and every time you sync, your watch will download only the next 3 workouts.

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