Workout Genius 1.7.0 is available

Workout Genius 1.7.0 is available

This version fixes a bug related to pace alerts and also has lots of internal changes and optimizations.

2017 is coming, and there will be a BIG update in Genius Wrist website. A lot of new features will be available to all apps (Workout Genius, Workout Builder, and Gym timer). The new version of Workout Genius is part of this big update.

Older versions of this app will no longer be able to synchronize with the website, and soon, only versions greater than 1.7.0 will be allowed, so it is of the most importance that you update the app in your watch to keep enjoying Workout Genius.

Go to Genius Wrist website for additional information.



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  • By Martin Reply

    Thanks for the new version. Looking forward to the updates!
    Merry christmas and a happy new year to you.
    Keep up the good work!

    • By Genius Wrist Reply

      Thanks mate! A happy new year for you!

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