When interface design is harder than coding

When interface design is harder than coding

Dear users,

last 2 weeks were intense, we set up our new server and released a lot of minor web site updates.

We almost released a new version of Workout Builder that was scheduled for  October 30, with the following improvements:

  • Duration display count will be regressive or progressive depending on the user selection. it will be possible to define a different setting for each training step.
  • Option to invert the display in specific training actions, providing additional visual feedback.
  • The duration of the on screen alerts will be configurable the same way vibe and sound alerts.(long, medium, short or disabled)
  • Duplicate/Clone workouts.

The coding and testing of this features are done and we were almost ready to release but during the final review we decided to postpone it.

We will review the training editor to make it easier to use and more intuitive. With the new features the user options increased a lot.

People in general do not notice that but it is common in software development to reach a point where user interface design is harder than coding.

We are working hard to provide you a nice app and quality is not optional. The release was postponed for a month. It will give us time to rebuild the interface and probably add more features than the ones listed above.

Fell free to send your feedback, we are always improving based on your suggestions, Workout Builder is still in version 1.0 and there is room for a lot of improvement.


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  • By Matthew Reply

    So is the ETA of the update now November 30th? Or just when it is running smoothly? Cannot wait for these updates!!

    • By Genius Wrist Reply

      Take November 30 as a worst case scenario. There is a good chance the version will be released earlier than that.

      And congrats for the first comment of the blog! 😀

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