Genius Wrist on the social networks

Genius Wrist on the social networks

It is a great pleasure to announce that Genius Wrist is embracing the social networks.

During the last year we worked hard to deliver our web site and two new apps, Workout Builder and Workout Genius. From time to time we considered establishing a presence in the social networks but we were always afraid of expending to much time on that and losing focus from our main task, to deliver great software for you.

Until now our main form of interaction was the web site contact page and a lot of great suggestions came to us. Thanks to your feedback and help, our product today is much better than it was months ago, and now, more than never, we understand the importance of a closer contact with you.

We also needed a better way to provide you information on our softwares, like tips for better usage and insights on how your watch works.
But the most important task we want to accomplish is to bring you closer to our product development process. We want your feedback and we will provide more details about what is coming.

Starting today you have 4 new ways to find us.

Our Blog




We also adopted a new brand identity
to make it easier for you to recognize us on the web.



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